Atlantic Satellite Corporation (ASC) was founded in 2002 by Larry Hayes and Rick Jones based on one simple idea-provide high quality Satellite Communication products and services "at an economical price". Atlantic Satellite Corporation offers over 50 years of combined expertise in Satellite Communications Equipment and systems design, manufacturing and services. The company's primary line of products include Beacon Tracking Receivers, Frequency Conversion Products, such as Up converters and Down converters, an assortment of hand-held test equipment, and much more. 


Larry Hayes President/Chief Engineer

Larry Hayes graduated from Kansas State University with a BSEE, Cum Laude. He was awarded a Howard Hughes Masters Fellowship under which he obtained his MSEE from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). His master’s thesis was published in the International Journal of Electronics.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the satellite communications industry, Larry Hayes has been involved in the design of systems and products for such companies as AP, UPI, RKO, Mutual Broadcasting Network, NPR, Muzak, The Christian Science Monitor, multiple agricultural networks, sports networks, weather data networks, California Microwave and many others. This broad experience and hands-on working knowledge of the satellite industry brings a unique asset to Atlantic Satellite Corporation.

Larry Hayes is also a veteran of the United States Navy Submarine Service where he held the position of nuclear reactor operator.

Rick Jones Vice President Marketing and Production

Rick Jones possesses a broad education, as well as hands-on knowledge and experience in business management, mechanical engineering, CAD design and electronics production. Additionally, he has a thorough background in computer systems networking and programs applications.

Larry Hayes' extensive education and experience in the field of electronics engineering, seasoned with years of working applications within the satellite industry, combined with Rick Jones' expertise in computer systems support and skills in technical and mechanical production ensures a solid foundation to Atlantic Satellite Corporation's high quality products and responsive support to its clients' needs.


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