Atlantic Satellite Corporation (ASC)  offers a complete range of technical and systems services to the Satellite Communications Industry.



Atlantic Satellite Corporation continually evaluates its service procedures to ensure that a close relationship is maintained between the company and its customers. The goal in every case is to deliver products of exceptional quality, backed by responsive technical and administrative support. ASC remains committed to offering comprehensive technical support to its customers through a direct customer-to-ASC engineering link. This enables a quick response to the customer’s needs, and ensures receipt of exactly what the customer requires: Delivery of cost-effective solutions for the most demanding applications

Quality Compliance 

It is the intention of Atlantic Satellite Corporation that all supplied products, services and calibrations fully satisfy our customers with respect to timeliness, performance, reliability, freedom from defects, safety and suitability for the intended application.


It is the company’s objective to:


ü      Achieve timeliness of supply, performance to specification, freedom from defects, high reliability, conformance to safety requirements and suitability for intended application.


ü      Ensure a systematic, integrated and consistent approach to quality, measurement and improvement using cost-effective methods of communication, analysis, implementation and management review of quality objectives.


ü      Comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9000.


ü      Communicate the company’s quality statement and objectives to all personnel and to involve every member in active participation of the process of continuous quality improvement in all aspects of the company’s business.


ü      Promote quality awareness with our customers, suppliers, and community.

Quality Assurance

On the left is a photo of an ASC300C-Band Beacon tracking receiver going through environmental testing in ASC's Virginia Beach facility.


On the right is a photo of an ASC300L-Band Beacon Tracking Receiver going through vibration testing in accordance with MIL-STD-2164.




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